When it comes time to get a new mobile phone, one of the many headaches for everyday people is the big move:  moving your contact list to a new phone.  You have most likely already spent most of your patience and focus pooled into being a smart consumer, and you chose the mobile phone that is the best fit for you.  Who would really want to waste more time moving their contact list by themselves?  So relax, and let us handle synchronizing your current contact list to your handheld device which could otherwise be a migraine of a task for you.

At MoveMyContacts, our team has more than 15 years of experience in the move service sector.  But maybe you do not have a smart phone?  No problem!  We can synchronize the current contact lists on your mobile phones, PDAs, and other electronic devices seamlessly– including all phones ranging from “A” as in Alcaltel to “W” as in Windows.  No phone model is too old, too new, too big, or too small for our dedicated team of professionals.

In addition, we understand that our customers could have many different reasons to move their contact lists, so we offer various affordable subscription services.  Whether you are interested in a subscription for only 30 days, to something more long term, our experts provide prompt and reliable contact list move services.

But what really speaks about our quality and sets us apart from anyone else who transfers contact lists on your handheld devices, is our secure online contact list storage.  You can rest easy knowing that no matter what happens to your mobile phone (or other electronic handheld devices), your contact lists will be safely stored in our online services, ready to retrieved at any time.  Now you have the opportunity to safeguard your contact list in case of emergencies such as phone damage or phone theft.  Just one login after you have a subscription for our services after an unpleasant day like that could be just the experience that can bring you a sense of reliability and security. We really like moveokc.com – best movers

Here at MoveMyContacts, our simple contact list move service and secure backup online takes the hassle out of changing phones.  It takes a lot of attention to detail and vigilance to not only safely transfer contact lists when you move your phone, but most of all to maintain the absolute safety of the contact lists that are stored securely online.  Never worry about losing your contact list during a move ever again!  Get in touch with us today.


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